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7/13/2019 Morristown, NJ - Red Rose Rescue by The Palantir NYC

9/15/2017  Sterling Hts., MI - Red Rose Rescue by Created Equal

9/15/2017  Alexandra, VA - Red Rose Rescue by DC Area Anti-Abortion Advocacy

Red Rose Rescue:  No Pro Life Shamers Allowed by Katherine Marple





9/19/2019  Rescuers charges dismissed for Washington, DC Rescue in March 2019

9/15/2017 "Pro-Lifers Arrested Nationwide for Giving Women Alternatives Inside Abortion Clinics" by Steven Ertelt/LifeSiteNews

9/15/2017 "Protesters Storm The Waiting Rooms Of At Least 2 Clinics" by Jenavieve Hatch/Huffington Post 

9/21/2017 "The Right is Storming Women's Clinics" by Michelle Barber/

9/22/2017  "These Pro-Lifers Enter Abortion Centers To Talk With Mothers: by Jeremiah Keenan/The Federalist


News Stories from RRR Flint, MI June 7, 2019:

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