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Interview with Created Equal May 23, 2024
Why Are the DC Pro-lifers Going to Prison?  and a Defense of Red Rose Rescues


The Mark Harrington Show is on Mark’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, and all the popular podcast platforms as well as on Mark’s flagship website:

Here are links to the full interview:

PRAY NOW !!   And offer Sacrifices!  

Five Pro-Lifers Tried in DC Federal Court Face
Eleven Years in Prison!

And Father Fidelis is in Federal Prison Now--6 months sentence for his July 2022, one man rescue (not an RRR) at the PP in Hempstead NY. WRITE to HIM! 
The address is at end of this memo. 

Rescuer on trial, Heather Idoni is prayed-over at prayer service organized by
Rev. Pat Mahoney outside the federal court, Thursday, Aug. 24

see links to articles below and news stories

The Jury is Resuming Deliberations Tuesday Morning!

My dear Friends--   Five pro-lifers were tried in Federal Court.  The trial began August 9th, and ended August 24th--with Jury deliberations beginning on Friday, August 25th.  THE JURY WILL RESUME DELIBERATIONS AT 9:00am, Tuesday.  



No, this WAS NOT a Red Rose Rescue. This rescue is described as a "traditional lock and block."  However, 4 of the 5 rescuers have participated in RRRs (rescues that do not entail any obstruction), namely Will Goodman, Heather Idoni, John Hinshaw and Lauren Handy.  Another 4 rescuers will stand trial for the same rescue beginning Sept. 6th in the courtroom of the same judge--the very pro-abortion Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, 333 Constitution Avenue, Washington DC, Room 28.  Those rescuers are Joan Andrews Bell, Paulette Harlow, Jean Marshal and Jonathon Darnell.  Both Bell and Darnell have participated in RRRs--and everyone of the defendants, have been very supportive of RRRs.  Let us show them our support.  I


If you can be in court this Tuesday-- that would be great. I predict that before the end of the day Tuesday a verdict will be decided!!  

The rescue occurred Oct.22,2020 at the Washington Surgi-Center where unborn children are murdered through the 9th month of pregnancy by baby-killer Cesare Santangelo. On March 25, 2022 115 of his victims were given to Lauren handy and Terrisa Bukovinic by the driver of the medical waste truck. Five of those victims were murdered in the second,and possibly 3rd trimester and still remain in a cold-storage vault at the D.C. Medical Examiner's Office!

Kollat-Kotelly denied permitting them as evidence that Santangelo performs illegal abortions-- and if so,his abortion practice is not protected by the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act--the law under which the pro-lifers have been charged along with the statute "Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights."  This statute carries a 10 year maximum sentence and $350,000 maximum fine!     

The jury began deliberations on Friday-- and sis not come in with a swift conviction!  In fact they sent in 3 questions to the judge to get clarity about laws involved!  This is a good sign!

Pray for justice--everyone NOT GUILTY--or at least some of the rescuers are acquitted--or a hung jury!

My article on this trial  --  feel free to share and post it!

SIGN THE PETITION in support of the Rescuers!

See here the Live Action Video re Santangelo!

and other articles:

Write to Father Fidelis    We must not neglect him-- he has participated in many RRRs

Christopher Mosciski 24244-510
P.O. BOX 329002

See here Your CPLS Director’s Article
on Our RRR Trial and Jail Experience

Criminals for the Gospel of Life
Please post—please share!
for another article by Red Rose Rescuer Laura Gies 
And WOW—New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Red Rose Rescue!
Thomas More Society is Defending the Named Defendants

CLICK HERE to see article!
The pro-abortion Attorney general’s Press Release—with a link to the Actual Complaint - CLICK HERE!!

Our Press Statements:
Monica Migliorino Miller:

Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, seeks to prevent pro-lifers from reaching out to women with love, compassion, understanding, and practical, material help--women scheduled to abort their unborn children, many women who, as a consequence of these pro-life efforts, have chosen instead to give life. Since James is committed to the legalized killing of the innocent, she is using Red Rose Rescue as an excuse to squash pro-life speech and activity with which she personally disagrees!  It's grossly unjust to impose a buffer zone of 30 feet around the abortion centers in New York when Red Rose Rescuers peacefully show love, give aid and encourage women not to kill their unborn children.


She is trampling on the right to free speech and must be stopped. Moreover, women have a right to be given the help they need to give life to their unborn children--and unborn children have a right to be loved and defended--both of which Red Rose Rescuers seek to do!  As for characterizing Red Rose Rescues as "terrorist" activity. This is nothing but a total propaganda lie--born from sheer pro-abortion politics. Those who participate in Red Rose Rescues are quiet, loving, and completely peaceful. Terrorism doesn't save babies from abortion--love saves babies from abortion--and Red Rose Rescuers are committed to acts
of love.


The mission statement and rules of conduct are posted on the Red Rose Rescue website:,  for anyone to read. James should read the code before she spouts off her pro-abortion mischaracterization of those who want to help women and save innocent human beings from violent extermination! The abortion she supports is the real terrorism--terrorism carved into the crushed bodies of the aborted unborn.

Attorney Robert Muise, American Freedom Law Center:

I am an attorney with the American Freedom Law Center.  I have represented, and continue to represent, Red Rose Rescuers in cases in Michigan.  Some of those cases are mentioned in the NY AG’s lawsuit, which is nothing more than a tool of intimidation.  The NY AG is weaponizing her office to attack and vilify peaceful pro-lifers to discourage them from engaging in activity that is constitutionally protected.  The vast majority of pro-lifers who associate with the Red Rose Rescue never enter an abortion center.  Rather, they remain outside on the public sidewalks praying and counseling women.  And the few who do enter the abortion centers make it a point to never violate FACE (the Freedom of Access to
Clinic Entrances Act), which makes it a federal crime to use force, the threat of force, or physical obstruction to prevent individuals from obtaining or providing an abortion.  The NY AG is conflating the rare conduct of some—conduct which allegedly violates FACE—with the conduct of Red Rose Rescuers, which never violates FACE.  The NY AG is either incompetent in that she does not know the facts or she is malicious in that she doesn’t care about the facts and just wants to intimidate all pro-lifers.  My bet is on the latter.  I know the pro-lifers will be fighting back against this
abuse of the judicial process.


Pro-lifers Hold Vigil at the Oakland County Jail - June 3, 2023



Click Here

June 29, 2022 - Red Rose Rescuers Found Guilty When Defending the Unborn In Wake of the Reversal of Roe!  The Unborn STILL Counted for Nothing!

Beginning Tuesday, June 28th, right on the heels of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, four Red Rose Rescuers stood trial in a Flint, MI. courtroom for a Red Rose Rescue in which they participated on June 7, 2019 at the Women’s Center abortion facility located on Flushing Road in Flint Township.  Denied a defense of others, they were tried before Judge David Newblatt, 900 S. Saginaw Street in the city of Flint. The pro-lifers , Lauren Handy, Will Goodman, Matthew Connolly and Patrice Woodworth were defended by Attorney Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center.


This was the first post-Roe abortion-related court case to take place involving a Red Rose Rescue.  Unfortunately, the trial was not in any way influenced by the Dobbs decision that characterized Roe as "from the start egregiously wrongly decided." In other words, the women scheduled to abort their children on June 7, 2019 NEVER HAD a Constitutional right to abortion in the first place!! But, according to Judge Newblatt, it didn't matter!  Attorney Muise is set to appeal the convictions. Sentencing is set for Sept. 23, 2022.


Lauren Handy.jpeg

 (Photo below, 26 year-old Lauren Handy arrested in 2019 Red Rose Rescue at Flint abortion center). 

The pro-life defendants, were charged with misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct and were slapped with an additional charge of felony “obstruction of an officer.” The pro-lifers felt in conscience that they could not leave the abortion center when ordered to do so and could not actively participate in their arrests. The pro-lifers, assuming passive positions, were hand-cuffed and carried out of the abortion center by officers to the waiting police vans.


On the morning of June 7, 2019, at approximately 9:00am the four defendants entered the abortion facility of the Women’s Center of Flint, MI, 3422 Flushing Rd., to talk to women scheduled for abortions. They offered them words of encouragement to choose life for their unborn children and offered material aid.  The pro-lifers also distributed red roses to the women.  Attached to each rose was a card stating on one side “You were made to love and to be loved... your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change.  A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.” Phone numbers of local pregnancy help centers are listed on the reverse side of the card.


In addition to reaching out to the mothers, the Red Rose Rescuers remained inside the Flint Women’s Center in an act of solidarity with the unborn children scheduled to be killed by abortionist Theodore Roumell.  The Flint abortion center is owned and operated by Michigan resident Victoria Moore who also owns an abortion center in Saginaw.  Roumell first performs abortions at the Saginaw facility while women, told to arrive at 8:30 at the Flint clinic, will wait literally for hours for the abortionist to arrive.   


(Photo below  Left to right:  Atty. Robert Muise with RRRs Patrice Woodworth, Matthew Connolly, Lauren Handy and Will Goodman outside of the Genesee County, MI courtroom - where justice was not served for the babies!)


Father Fidelis Moscinski IS OUT!!!

Those who participate in a Red Rose Rescue, like any others who recognize an urgent situation, are responding to dire circumstances of imminent peril in a spirit of intervention on behalf of innocent babies and beleaguered mothers.  The Red Rose Rescue is modeled after the pro-life rescue activity of well-known Canadian activist Mary Wagner, who has repeatedly entered Toronto abortion centers and offered red roses to mothers waiting to have their children aborted and is currently incarcerated awaiting trial in British Columbia for her recent rescue attempt.


Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society organizer of today’s Red Rose Rescue explains: “It is ironic that the pro-lifers arrested three years ago—are going to trial just in time for the reversal of Roe v. Wade.”  Indeed, according to Alito’s written opinion, the killing of the unborn that these pro-lifers intended to prevent, should never have been scheduled to begin with—as there never was a constitutional right to abortion and Michigan has a law that protects the unborn from such violence which,  but for Roe v. Wade, would have protected the unborn scheduled to be killed at the Flint clinic.  Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that her work was ‘to go into the dark holes of the poor.’  The Red Rose Rescue is an action of going into the dark holes of the poor where the innocent are rejected—and in these dark holes we seek to bring love, hope, and true peace to the women scheduled for abortions, encouraging them to choose life.”


See Here --Links to News Stories from the Flint Journal --  the paper covered the trial extensively -- and this caused about 30 pro-abortion perotesters to show up outside the court, June 29th--yelling their pro-abortion slogans, and vulgaries.  

Red Rose Rescuers Assaulted By Abortion Clinic Guards
 in Their Defense of the Unborn
April 23, 2022

See Stories Below

Red Rose Rescuers "Guilty"-  But Sentence Suspended! -- and That's a Victory!

  Thy Defended the Unborn   -    No Jail, No Fines, No Probabtion!  

Red Rose Rescuers Will Goodman, Fr. Fidelis Moscinski with their attorney Charles Burnham (at left) and supporters  Larry Cirignano and Rev. Pat Mahoney

The Red Rose Rescue bench trial of Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, CFR, and Will Goodman was heard on March 9, 2022 in DC Superior Court. The proceedings lasted between 10:45 AM and 1:15 PM.

Mr. Charles Burnham, pro-life defense attorney, offered a novel "defense of others" argument based upon case law in which a man was acquitted of murder in protecting a pregnant mother and her unborn baby.

Body camera footage from the police was used as exhibits by the prosecution. These videos showed Red Rose Rescuers Fr. Fidelis, Joan Mckee, and Will Goodman making impassioned pleas in defense of human life and authentic justice.

After closing arguments, the two pro-life defendants made compelling and poignant statements before the court. Mr. Goodman sought to bring the cries of the child in the womb into the courtroom, and Fr. Fidelis stated that no one has "lawful authority" to take the life of an innocent human being, and further, "everything said and done here today will be sifted before the Judgement Seat of God."

Sadly, the judge found both rescuers "guilty" of "unlawful entry into private property.

Both Fr. Fidelis and Goodman were given suspended sentences and so were not sent to jail. They intend to appeal this unfortunate verdict.

Earlier in the trial, the judge had allowed Mr. Burnham to enter his legal defense of others argument into the official court record. This will be the basis for the legal appeal.

Many thanks to all who showed up to show their support at the courtroom, those who went out today to pray at the abortion mills, and everyone who prayed for us and our attorney.

Please continue to pray for the judge, the two prosecutors, and their three witnesses.

Red Rose Rescue will be keeping you posted on the progress of the appeal efforts as they progress.

Please pray for this legal appeal being made on behalf of the mothers and their preborn children.

Thank you!!

For more information on this rescue see:

rose wp ny
P1040184 CE LO.jpg
P1040136 CE LO.jpg

Two Red Rose Rescues Took Place in PA.
Friday, Aug. 27th

One RRR Shut Down a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic for the ENTIRE Day -
No Abortions Took Place There!

For full story Click Here 


Two Red Rose Rescues at Ohio
Abortion Centers, June 4, 5, 2021

18-Year-Old Among Those Arrested 
Click Here for Full Story

Red Rose Rescue Featured in Crisis Magazine!
Check This Out By Clicking Here
Red Rose Rescue National Pro-Life Conference
was held in St. Charles MO., on Dec. 12th
The whole event was Informative, Stimulating, and Inspiring!
The Windsor Room at the Embassy Suites Hotel, St. Charles, MO. was full of
participants at the Red Rose Rescue National Pro-life Conference, with chairs set apart for social distancing.
See here all of the speeches!!  
Hear Professor Janet Smith, Joe Scheidler, Monica Migliorino Miller,
Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Will Goodman, Lauren Handy,
Mary Wagner, and Jonathan Darnel.
Just click HERE and you'll be there. 
In Defense of Red Rose Rescue
A Response to Sidewalk Advocates for Life
Click Here 
Jan. 30th Red Rose Rescue
One Baby Spared Abortion!

Five Other Women Leave the Abortion Clinic
While One Man said “Baby is in the trash can”

See Great LifeSite News Video Below









Red Rose Rescuer Jonathan Darnell is arrested when defending
the unborn from abortion, Jan. 30, 2021 in Silver Spring, MD.

Photo credit: Jim Hale, LifeSite News

On Jan. 30th a Red Rose Rescue occurred at the Silver Spring Gynecology &
Family Planning services abortion center in Silver Spring, MD, the first to take
place during the Biden presidency.

Four rescuers entered the abortion center at 9:30 am and they were able to stay in the clinic for
four hours! Eight women arrived for their scheduled abortions. Six women left the facility before
the abortionist arrived, one of whom was an Hispanic women who chose life for her baby.
Rescuer Matthew Connolly was in the stair wall on the clinic’s first floor and gave this women
pro-life literature. The woman entered the waiting room where rescuer Lauren Handy also gave
her a pro-life brochure.

Clinic staff ushered the women into the back room but she emerged shortly and spoke to Lauren
who asked her: “Have you decided to keep your baby?” The women said “Yes, Yes—keep my
baby” and placed her hand on her abdomen! Clinic staff, exhibiting frustration with the woman,
escorted her out of the clinic.

Indeed, the clinic staff, distracted, angry and confused by the presence of the Red Rose Rescuers,
caused five women to simply opt to leave the clinic—four of them had the roses given to them
by the rescuers.

Police did not arrive at the clinic for a full two hours and even then they were hesitant to arrest
the rescuers in the waiting room, Father Fidelis Moscinski, Lauren Handy and Jonathan Darnell.

Indeed, they begged the rescuers to leave, told them if they left, no charges would be filed, and
gave them extra time to consider the offers to vacate the clinic.

The rescuers told the police they could not leave the clinic while there were two women in the
back room who still planned to abort their children—and sadly they did abort their babies as the
abortionist arrived during the rescue. The rescuers
Finally, the officers could see that the
rescuers were committed to remain in the clinic and arrests commenced at 2:30pm—4 hours after
the rescue began. The rescuers were charged with misdemeanor counts of trespass, disorderly
conduct and conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct. No court date has yet been scheduled.

Sidewalk counselors were outside of the abortion center. A few others held pro-life signs and
others gathered to pray. A man who left the abortion facility told the pro-lifers on the sidewalk:
“That f***ing fetus is gone. They put it in the trash can and all that,” —seeming to approve of
such desecration. He later returned to the facility and left with the woman he’d dropped off
earlier in the day.

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"Rescue those being dragged to death, and those tottering to execution withhold not. If you say 'I know not this man!' does not He who tests hearts not perceive it?" 

Proverbs 24: 11

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