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Many mothers receive roses on Mother's Day. This year, I am where no roses can be delivered. This Mother's Day, I am a mother in jail for defending unborn children. For bringing roses to mothers inside a Detroit area abortion facility in April 2022, and peacefully kneeling between the knife and the children.

As a result of my peaceful actions, in a Red Rose Rescue, I was convicted February 24th, 2023 of misdemeanor "trespass" and "resisting an officer" by a jury which included 2 mothers. On March 30th I was sentenced along with my codefendants by Judge Cynthia Arvant -- also a mother -- to 60 days in the Oakland County Jail.

In a Red Rose Rescue, we seek to win the hearts of the mothers with our offers of help and with a rose! Because it is ultimately The MOTHERS who will save their own babies -- by turning away from the lethal decision of abortion!

How ironic! That for my offer of roses at the abortion facility, I am now a Mother on Mother's Day behind bars completely unable to receive roses! In addition, where I am, at Oakland County Jail in Pontiac, Michigan, I am surrounded by mothers also not receiving roses on Mother's Day.

I have mentioned the other mothers on this journey of recent weeks and months who have been a part of landing me in jail --- members of the jury, the judge, and all the pregnant mothers we encounter in Red Rose Rescues --- because it is a confusing epoch of motherhood in which we live. Many women who are mothers are involved in the upholding of abortion being a so-called "right" --- which is a betrayal of all women, of all mothers!

On Mother's Day, as I reflect on being behind bars and unable to see my children, to be treated extra special for being a mom, I am surrounded by many other mothers with me in our cellblock, who are also missing their children very much, and many who have shared their sorrow over abortions as well. The toll of abortion against motherhood is deep!

Here we are! Women who are mothers, divided about whether or not our motherhood is defined by life in the womb or by the so-called "right to choose" --- living on this razor's edge of the truth -- that life in the womb IS A JOY to women, as this life defines us as mothers!

And yet for the sake of so-called "freedom" our culture has screamed like a spoiled child demanding toys, that abortion is what defines us women, exacerbating the confusion that women can't be "equal" unless they can randomly destroy the fruit of their womb. This inversion of truth, becoming the lie of the past 100 years, that abortion is good, has done so much harm, caused so much untold hidden grief, and has pitted confused women against each other.

As for me, I am here to say with my body, my choice, my motherhood on this Mother's Day in jail, that the lie of abortion won't run through me. I have given up my freedom for a time, (I will be released May 18th) being in this jail, to say it: Abortion kills living children and wounds human mothers!

While writing this, I decided to do something for my fellow cell mates, missing this mother's day:

I can draw roses! And I have a pad of drawing paper! I am giving all 60 of my fellow cellmates a ROSE on a jail-made card, to affirm their dignity as women & mothers! One small gesture at a time can turn hearts towards truth!

Is there something you can do in our pro-abortion culture to stand against the lie that abortion is a so-called "right?"

In honor of myself missing Mothers Day Roses I invite everyone to consider bringing ROSES to abortion centers and lovingly offer them to women!

With a mother's love, Laura

May 10th, 2023

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